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“Nelly” hotel apartment

    This romantic apartment consists of:

  • 1 bedroom with a double bed;
  • 1 living room with a dining – room and a kitchen;
  • 1 terrace;
  • 1 toilet and bathroom with a shower;

    Apartment capacity: 2-3 people.

    LOCATION : Located in a newly-built building in the city centre, a cross-street between the Novotel Plovdiv and Bulgaria Blvd.

    You can have at your disposal:

  • A TV set and a cable TV;
  • A grill, a coffee – machine, a refrigerator, an electric stove;
  • An iron and an ironing board;
  • Modern furniture;
  • PVC joinery;
  • Free and guarded parking lot in front of the building;
  • Weekly cleaning and changing of the household linen and toweling / if you wish /;
  • No electricity and water expenses;
  • The apartment is fully furnished and equipped with other appliances to guarantee a best possible stay.

    In close proximity:

  • It is within 3 minutes reach from the Plovdiv International Fair;
  • Within 3 minutes reach from the Novotel Plovdiv and the Covered Bridge;
  • Within 7-8 minutes reach from the City centre;
  • Banks and offices: Bulbank, Post bank, The Bulgarian – American Bank, Express Bank, Office 1 stationery, a Currency - Exchange Bureau, Western Union;
  • Restaurants: “Happy” restaurant ( including fast – food), bars, cafeterias, “Verdi” – Pizza – bar;
  • Dry – cleaner’s, tailor’s;
  • A Post office;
  • Shops;
  • A taxi rank;
  • Florist’s;
  • Hairdresser’s and a Beauty Salon;
  • Other places for relaxation and entertainment.

   Hotel apartments Beikars in Plovdiv are an ideal place to stay at during your business trip or vacation.


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